HC Private Investments focuses on U.S. based, lower middle market, niche manufacturing companies in the following end markets:


  • Food and Beverage

  • Ingredients/Flavors/Fragrance

  • Pet Related Products

  • Children’s Products


  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Engineered Components/Products

  • Industrial Services

  • Medical Devices

With a focus of being the first private capital in a business, HCPI evaluates all investments with a dedicated group of executive advisor partners.  Our firm seeks to add value to the portfolio companies through new customer introductions, strategy development, operational improvements and implementation of best practices.  Our executive advisors’ relevant business and industry experience allows the firm to maximize the likelihood of success for the investment.

Investment Criteria

  • Investment Size: Between $5 and $30 million
  • Revenue:  Between $10 and $75 million
  • EBITDA:  Between $3 and $10 million

Target Company Characteristics

  • Privately owned companies, headquartered in the U.S.
  • Defensible market position with identified areas for growth
  • Value-added niche products or services
  • Experienced management teams looking for a financial partner
  • Will not invest in real estate, start-ups or early stage ventures

Investment Focus

  • Focus on control equity investments
  • Ability to invest in minority equity 
  • First professional capital
  • Transitional sales for owners, founders or family run companies
  • Active supporter of fundless sponsors