First Professional Investor Capital

HCPI looks to partner with family or owner/operator businesses to provide the necessary resources to unlock their value potential. The firm has experience completing transactions that range from owners looking to retire and exit the business as well as family businesses seeking a recapitalization to assist with generational ownership transition. HCPI’s non-institutional capital base enables the firm to be more flexible and patient than the traditional private equity model. Each investment is structured to meet the needs of the company, its management team and our investors without the investment horizon limitations of traditional private equity funds.

Top Caliber Executive Resources

Management is the single most important piece of any investment. In every deal we evaluate, we partner with seasoned operating executives from HCPI’s network to work with the existing management team to evaluate and prioritize growth opportunities. Depending on the needs of the investment, HCPI’s operating executives will serve as members of the board of directors or join the management team full-time. We spend as much time evaluating the human capital aspect of the investment as we do the financial capital aspect. We believe the close partnership between the incumbent management team with HCPI and our operating executives creates a collaborative environment where the company can thrive.

Path to Value Creation

The HCPI team works closely with our management team to develop a value creation plan before making an investment. We support our management teams with customer introductions, process and procedure implementation, strategy development and operational improvements. In all cases, the firm relies on management teams to make day-to-day investment decisions to drive growth with HCPI’s team providing strategic board support.